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* Change SMTP port to 465 (SSL)
* Add IMAP configuration (supported, but users need to enable it in their mailbox settings).

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Newer configuration reflecting Seznam.cz help article for seznam.cz, email.cz, post.cz and spoluzaci.cz.
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smtp.seznam.cz/465 seems to be SMTP over SSL, so <socketType>plain</socketType> is wrong there.
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seznam.cz (v2)

Sorry, changed to SSL.
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I did some quick investigation:

- There is an autoconfig entry hosted at https://email.seznam.cz/mail/config-v1.1.xml available, and which http://autoconfig.seznam.cz/mail/config-v1.1.xml redirects to.  However, https://autoconfig.seznam.cz/mail/config-v1.1.xml is not valid because the server only has a valid cert for email.seznam.cz.
  - The autoconfig entry only advertises POP3.

- There are MX entries for email.cz, post.cz, and spoluzaci.cz that point to mx{1,2}.seznam.cz
- There are autoconfig CNAME entries to email.zenam.cz for "autoconfig" domains for all of those entries as well.

As such, Thunderbird won't actually use this entry if we host it in the ISPDB.  FxOS Email would, but only because it uses https to access the autoconfig domains and therefore requires valid certificates.
And I see we already have an entry.  Given that, the FxOS mail app benefit, and bugs related to our other-domain generation script that makes removing things not actually work, we'll take the update.

Note that I am going to change the authentication back to password-cleartext because:
- That's what is in there now and seems to work, I guess.
- The IMAP server capabilities pre-login are "CAPABILITY XLIST IMAP4rev1 AUTH=PLAIN CHILDREN" which does not include CRAM-MD5 or other auths as an option.
- The POP3 server does not respond to CAPA and therefore does not advertise CRAM-MD5 as an option.

Landing shortly.
Depends on: 552259
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Committed revision 145045.

Again, note that this will not impact Thunderbird's current autoconfig behavior in any way.  Someone will need to directly contact seznam.cz and ask them to add an IMAP setting.  While they're at it, it would also be great if they could make direct https access work as well, since that's where autoconfig is generally headed.
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