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Find a more graceful solution to restricting when getInfo.html can shut down the main browser process


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In bug 1124728, I updated talos to allow getInfo.html to quit the main browser process even when running out-of-process. We needed to do that, otherwise talos tests wouldn't run on OS X (since getInfo.html, before my patch, would just close the last window - which is fine on Windows and Linux, since that results in process termination, but not on OS X).

The problem with that is that since getInfo.html is in the history, anytime the newtab page shows up and attempts to show a thumbnail for history, getInfo.html is in there. And when we attempt to grab the thumbnail, getInfo.html is loaded out-of-process...which kills the main browser process.

We've got a workaround right now that bypasses getInfo's attempt at quitting if the process it's loaded in is using PRIORITY_LOW (which is the case for the background thumbnail browser).

That allows us to move forward, but we should probably find something a little less hacky.


1) Make sure getInfo.html, which (I believe) is only used once to get the window dimensions before a test runs, is not put into the browsing history.

2) Find some other solution to get the window dimensions before the test run that is not getInfo.html.

3) ???
:mconley, is this still a valid concern?
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(In reply to Robert Wood [:rwood] from comment #1)
> :mconley, is this still a valid concern?

Yeah, I think so. The hack is still in there. It'd be nice to get rid of it - though in the list of improvements and investments we should make for Talos, I suspect this ranks pretty low! :)
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