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Add "View Pocket List" to bookmarks sidebar?


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Found in Firefox Nightly 41.0a1 (2015-05-12)

## Steps to reproduce:
1. Open latest FF Nightly.
2. Click the [Show your bookmarks] button next to the [Bookmark this page] button in your toolbar. It shows a lovely "View Pocket List" link which takes you to
3. In that classy bookmark door hanger, select the "View Bookmarks Sidebar" item to open your sidebar.

## Actual results:
Bookmarks sidebar doesnt have any links or mentions of the pocket site.

## Expected results:
We should show the same "View Pocket List" link in the Bookmarks sidebar as we do in the bookmarks door hanger.
Attachment #8605521 - Attachment description: Firefox_Nightly_First_Run_Page_and__Bug_1164161__Panel_dictionary_file_missing_entries_for_some_languages_-_pdehaan_mozilla_com_-_Mozilla_Mail_and_Mozilla_Firefox.png → Screenshot of bug
The Bookmarks sidebar shows the Bookmarks that are stored. If we added a "View Pocket List" item, we would also want to add a "Show All Bookmarks" item, which is analogous.  The "Show All Bookmarks" would open the Library in the Bookmarks view, as it currently does when accessed through the Bookmarks menu.
Blocks: Pocket
P4 based on the existing inconsistency that Jared notes, and that usage of sidebars is generally low. But it seems like something worth considering, just not a high priority. Especially given the other entry points to the Pocket list.
Priority: -- → P4
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