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Move much of to python and use it to generate test archive dependencies


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The manifest of test archives we're generating in bug 917999 would be appropriate to write out during backend generation, but from there we don't really have access to the parts of we're using. The proposal there is to move to python for this purpose.
I was thinking something like (in


...and then having that write out a .mk file in the objdir that we could include instead of, and also exposing it in the Emitter data in a way that we could use it to generate the test package manifest.

The only thing I got a little hung up on was I couldn't tell how we deal with the "pretty names" stuff nowadays--it doesn't seem to get set in mozconfigs, and I can't tell if we have builds that try to build both pretty and non-pretty named package bits. If so that makes it harder. If nothing actually needs that then we can just stick a pretty names thing in mozconfigs and it's all fairly straightforward.
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