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Webapps.jsm can lose preinstalled app permissions in case of badly timed reboot


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In bug 1143607 it was discovered that, when Webapps.jsm collects permissions from B2G preinstalled privileged apps into the permissions DB (on first boot or after a system update) and sets the pref dom.apps.reset-permissions to true to indicate that that's been done, the pref is written to storage before permissions.sqlite is.  This leaves a window where, if there's a hard reboot or an OS crash or power loss, preinstalled apps can lose their permissions — which can brick the phone, if the system app is affected.

This was a big enough problem to notice because permissions.sqlite isn't being fsync()ed, which extends the race window a lot, but more generally the permission manager doesn't guarantee durability of permission updates – it runs them asynchronously on a background thread and doesn't expose any way to wait for completion.  That may need to change (e.g., adding a method to run a callback when all previous permission updates are committed to stable storage) to completely fix this.

This might affect B2G only, but I don't know this part of things well enough to be sure it's not relevant to desktop somehow; adjust bug flags as needed.

There's more discussion of the permission DB with respect to durability vs. performance in bug 1157950 and bug 1165121.
I guess I'm affected by this bug, too. I'm building B2G simulator from gecko-dev as well as a custom Gaia profile. The first time the simulator runs well. With clicking on the close button and running the simulator again, it stucks at the Foxfood logo. If I remove the line following line:

    user_pref("dom.apps.reset-permissions", true);

from profile/pref.js, the simulator runs well again.

I dont's see a permission.sqlite in my profile/ folder all the time.

I'm on Arch Linux x86_64.
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