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Email view window goes blank when you delete (et al.) a folder from the tree.


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Build ID: 20150513174244

Steps to reproduce:

Open Thunderbird v31.6.0
View some emails in the IBOX.
Manage the folder tree:  delete or move a folder.

Actual results:

The email view pane goes blank.  You can click on any header in any folder, and it highlights, but the content won't display in the email display pane.

Additionally, this version is noticeably slower to respond all around...

No amount of waiting will fix it. The ONLY "fix" I've found is to close and re-start Thunderbird.

Expected results:

Should be able to add, move, delete folders in the tree without it breaking the content display.
Whiteboard: [dupme]
Can confirm this for version 45.4.0.
Severity: normal → S3
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