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[ko] tracking for Aurora 40 update



Mozilla Localizations
ko / Korean
2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: Hyeonseok Shin, Assigned: Hyeonseok Shin)


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2 years ago
This cycle (Fx40) -- 11 May - 29 June

Key dates:
    - Beta (39) sign-offs for new locales must be completedby 9 June.
    - Beta (39) sign offs for already shipping locales must be completed before 16 June.
    - Aurora (40) sign offs must be completed before 29 June.
    - Firefox 39 released12 May.
    - Firefox 38.0.5 (Northern Spring Release) releases 2 June.

Remember that the schedule for the next few cycles is going to be odd. Here are the basics:
- May 11 - June 29 -- This cycle will be 7 weeks in order to catch up to the regular schedule after cutting the Fx38 in Aurora cycle short by one week.

    - Approximately 239 new string changes landed in Firefox Aurora desktop and 35 for Fennec Aurora exclusively (unshared).
    - 40% of desktop string changes are related to devtools. 13% are related to e10s and add-ons. 9% are related to Firefox Hello and 10% are related to new tabs and new prefs. Please see https://wiki.mozilla.org/Features/Release_Tracking#Likely_in_Firefox_40 for more info.
    -2 devtools files, (gcli.properties and gclicommands.properties) were moved from browser (browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/devtools) to toolkit (toolkit/locales/en-US/chrome/global/devtools). Tools like Pootle will automatically detect this change; if you're localizing directly on Mercurial, you should move the files using 'hg mv'. Feel free to ask more information on the mailing list or IRC (#l10n) if you need any help.
    - 50% of the Fennec strings changes are related to tab queue management. ~30% are related to doorhangers firstrun, and onboarding, and prefs. ~20% are related to tab queues. 37% are obsolete strings that need to be removed from your repo.
    - In addition to Firefox and Fennec, Firefox for iOS will launch it's first version /after/ the Northern Spring Release. I'm hoping to have more information about this next week.

Comment 1

2 years ago
I moved 2 devtools files to right place.


Comment 2

2 years ago
I translated common properties.


Comment 3

2 years ago
I translated tb_aurora 40 strings.


Comment 4

2 years ago
Jinkyu, merge day is over. Do you need any assistance on this? ;)

Comment 5

2 years ago
Signed off Thunderbird and Fennec.

Comment 6

2 years ago
I will translate Firefox on beta branch before beta2 release.
(In reply to Hyeonseok Shin from comment #4)
> Jinkyu, merge day is over. Do you need any assistance on this? ;)

(In reply to Hyeonseok Shin from comment #6)
> I will translate Firefox on beta branch before beta2 release.

Sorry, I completely forgot about it. I'll push it in today.
Sorty for aweful delay. I'll push it in today.
(In reply to Jinkyu Yi[:jincreator] from comment #8)
> Sorty for aweful delay. I'll push it in today.

Apologize, I'll push it at today.

Comment 10

2 years ago
Jinkyu, if there is anything I can do, let me know.
(In reply to Hyeonseok Shin from comment #10)
> Jinkyu, if there is anything I can do, let me know.

Sorry for late reply. I finished almost and really expect to push it in tonight.
Apologize for over deadline a lot and taking much time. I never expect less than 200 strings takes this much time and so next time I'll start working on it early.



Currently translations in Firefox use "조각" for "Tiles". But I found out translation in website(https://www.mozilla.org/ko/firefox/tiles/) use "정보 박스" instead. I think we should use same translations to make users not confusing.

Push Notification

"푸시 알림" is popular translation in industy, but I beleive it is bad translation. Its English pronounce + Korean word form is strange and it does not easily explain what it is to typical users who does not have any backgrounds with it. Anyway I use "푸시 알림" - well-known to at least limited users(developer?) - but it would be great if we can use better one.

Unwanted Website

It seems this is now a term using a lot in security industry, but unlike phishing site there's no single and short translation using a lot in Korea yet. Ahnlab use long description for it. See bottom at http://v3mss.ahnlab.com/jsp/front/intro/func_01.jsp
I use "원하지않는 소프트웨어 사이트" because dom parts use it, but I think it should be "원하지v않는 소프트웨어 사이트" or "원치 않는 소프트웨어 사이트".

Changes from previous translation

See below.

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/browser.dtd

Improve translation.

-<!ENTITY searchWith.label             "를 이걸로 찾기:">
+<!ENTITY searchWith.label             "를 여기서 검색:">

Improve translation.

-<!ENTITY searchWithHeader.label       "이곳에서 찾기:">
+<!ENTITY searchWithHeader.label       "여기서 검색:">

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/browser.properties

Fix wrong translation.

-addonConfirmInstall.message=이 사이트에서 #2라는 부가 기능을 #1에 설치하려고 합니다:
+addonConfirmInstall.message=이 사이트에서 #1에 부가 기능 #2개를 설치하려고 합니다:

Fix wrong translation.

-geolocation.alwaysShareLocation=항상 허가
+geolocation.alwaysShareLocation=항상 위치 공유

Fix wrong translation.

-geolocation.neverShareLocation=항상 허가안함
+geolocation.neverShareLocation=위치 공유를 항상 안함

Improve translation.

-geolocation.shareWithSite= %S에 위치 정보 공유를 허가하시겠습니까?
-geolocation.shareWithFile= 파일 %S에 위치 정보의 공유를 허가하시겠습니까?
+geolocation.shareWithSite= %S와 위치 정보를 공유하시겠습니까?
+geolocation.shareWithFile= 파일 %S과 위치 정보를 공유하시겠습니까?

Improve translation.

-webNotifications.neverShow=항상 알림 차단하기
+webNotifications.neverShow=항상 알림 막기

Improve translation.

-webNotifications.showFromSite=%S에서 알림을 띄우는 것을 허가하시겠습니까?
+webNotifications.showFromSite=%S에서 띄우는 알림을 보시겠습니까?

Improve translation.

-pointerLock.title2=%S에서 포인터를 숨기는 것을 허가하시겠습니까?
-pointerLock.autoLock.title2=%S이 포인터를 숨깁니다.
+pointerLock.title2=%S에서 포인터를 숨길 수 있게 하시겠습니까?
+pointerLock.autoLock.title2=%S에서 포인터를 숨깁니다.

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/devtools/debugger.properties

Sync translation. Use translation of "load" to "읽어들이기" like as other parts.

-loadingText    = 로드 중\u2026
+loadingText    = 읽어들이는 중\u2026

-errorLoadingText=소스 읽기 오류:\n
+errorLoadingText=소스를 읽어들이지 못했음:\n

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/devtools/inspector.dtd

Fix wrong translation.

-<!ENTITY inspectorHTMLDelete.label          "삭제 모드">
+<!ENTITY inspectorHTMLDelete.label          "노드 없애기">

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/devtools/netmonitor.dtd

Sync translation. Use similar form with netmonitorUI.context.copyAsCurl - "~로 바꿔 복사"

-<!ENTITY netmonitorUI.context.copyImageAsDataUri "Data URI로 이미지 복사">
+<!ENTITY netmonitorUI.context.copyImageAsDataUri "이미지를 Data URI로 바꿔 복사">

Restore to original access key.

-<!ENTITY netmonitorUI.context.newTab.accesskey  "O">
+<!ENTITY netmonitorUI.context.newTab.accesskey  "T">

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/devtools/profiler.dtd

Translate missing part.

-<!ENTITY profilerUI.options.filter.tooltiptext "Select what data to display in the timeline">
+<!ENTITY profilerUI.options.filter.tooltiptext "타임라인에 띄울 데이터 고르기">

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/devtools/styleinspector.dtd

Improve translation. Other translations use 속성 as property.

-<!ENTITY noPropertiesFound     "CSS 프로퍼티를 찾을 수 없습니다.">
+<!ENTITY noPropertiesFound     "CSS 속성을 찾을 수 없습니다.">

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/newTab.properties

Fix wrong translation. This message is shown in new tab page not web site page and 'this' is pointing tile, so "현재" is not correct in this time. "꽂아놓기" can sounds little bit weird, but icon is really a pin(압정), so I'm using it.
-newtab.pin=현재 사이트 계속 표시
-newtab.unpin=현재 사이트 표시 안함
-newtab.block=현재 사이트 삭제
+newtab.pin=이 사이트 여기에 꽂아놓기
+newtab.unpin=이 사이트 풀러놓기
+newtab.block=이 사이트 없애기

diff -r 97b0050c7eef browser/chrome/browser/preferences/main.dtd

Remove ^M characters.

Comment 13

2 years ago
Good. Please push to beta branch too. It should be signed off ASAP.
(In reply to Hyeonseok Shin from comment #13)
> Good. Please push to beta branch too. It should be signed off ASAP.



Comment 15

2 years ago
Signed off. Thanks Jinkyu. Let's get the job done a little bit earlyer next time. ;)

Note, I currently doesn't have any Windows 10 boxes so I can't test it right now.

Comment 17

2 years ago
These two Windows 10 related strings are landed to beta. Please apply translation to beta too.
(In reply to Hyeonseok Shin from comment #17)
> These two Windows 10 related strings are landed to beta. Please apply
> translation to beta too.



Comment 19

2 years ago
Signed off Firefox BETA.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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