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YouTube (HTML5) portrait video not playing in nightly on OS X (recent regression)


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I imagine this is already reported and known, but I can't find the bug, so I'll just add one anyway.

Attempting to play on nightly just leaves me with a black video.  Mouse over the timeline and the thumbnail preview is correct, but the main video is black.

OK on dev edition 40.

Dimension dependent.  When it fails to play properly, the dimension is 854x480 *2, resolution 270x480@30 (at the end.)  During playing, the dimension is 270x480 *2.  If I resize the window to get the dimension down to 203x360 *2, it plays fine.

No special prefs.  15" Retina MacBook Pro, 10.9.5, early 2013.

Central regression range:

Inbound regression range:
Blocks: 1164480
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Duplicate of this bug: 1166353
I have *no* idea how my patch could have done this ... but it seems that it did.

I'll back it out and later try to figure out why.
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Fixed by backing out my patch for bug 1164480.
Closed: 5 years ago
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Duplicate of this bug: 1166401
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Duplicate of this bug: 1166422
Could it be that the actual CFSTR for that key is different depending on the platform?

The incorrect key would explain this behaviour. The IOSurface generated by the hardware decoder must be made global in order to work with e10s, otherwise you'll get black frames as the other process can't access the content of the IOSurface.
I currently suspect it's something a lot more stupid -- I suspect that where my first patch put a CFStringRef, I need to put a CFStringRef*.

I'll try that tomorrow.  At least I know how to test :-)
> At least I know how to test :-)

At least now I know how to test :-)
Did the backout make today's Nightly? I'm still seeing this bug with Firefox 41.0a1 20150520030205.
(In reply to Anthony Hughes, QA Mentor (:ashughes) from comment #9)
> Did the backout make today's Nightly? I'm still seeing this bug with Firefox
> 41.0a1 20150520030205.

No the backout didn't land in m-c until 6am this morning.
Tracking enabled for 41, to make sure this gets fixed.
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Anthony, could you please confirm whether this bug is fixed in the latest nightly or not? If this bug is still repro on nightly, please revert status-firefox41 from "Fixed" to "Affected".
It certainly is still fixed for me.
Firefox 41.0a1 20150520030205 reproduces this bug.
Firefox 41.0a1 20150618030206 does not reproduce this bug.
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