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Add "What's new in Firefox" link to snippets


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Ideally, on Firefox upgrade, we show a native dialog that says "What's new!" in the latest version of Firefox (i.e. show the changelog; bug 1004734). However, that's a lot of work and who knows when it's going to land.

Let's add a snippet in the meantime! It can have some text like, "Firefox has been updated! <a href="<changelog-url>">What's new?</a>"

Assumption: we can send snippets specific to each release channel so we can have Release notes, Beta notes, etc.

Mark, do you know who I need to talk to to add snippets?

Anthony, do you have a preference on the language used here?
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Winston, do you know who manages our snippets campaigns these days?

I also wonder if there's something better we can point to here than release notes, since those are usually pretty developer-focused.
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Hi there. Jean collings manages snippets.  Adding her to bug.  Agree that release notes aren't the right place to link a user.
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Interesting! I like this idea.

Would this over-ride whatever snippet we were supposed to show until they pressed it? or would it disappear after a period of time? 

I actually designed for the new "Welcome Screen" UI to be able to handle a simple change log (to be used for something similar to this). But I think this might be a better point of entry than simply showing the "welcome screen" UI on launch after an update.

Perhaps we could create another/separate "snippet-like" UI to handle this type of notification? that could then trigger and reuse the "welcome screen" UI to display the change log. That way, we won't be directing the user to a release notes page. But rather, something that feels more native.
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Mike, how hard would it be to get that "Whats new?" link in this snippet idea to launch a UI similar to our Welcome Screen?
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Hi all, 
We definitely do not want to send our users to release notes. A great way to use these snippets is to highlight a feature that's new and when users click on the snippet it'll direct them straight to that said feature. We had a snippet for Sync that directed people to that feature but for every other content we've been pointing to specific landing pages. 

Would love to discuss more if helpful!

(In reply to Anthony Lam (:antlam) from comment #4)
> Mike, how hard would it be to get that "Whats new?" link in this snippet
> idea to launch a UI similar to our Welcome Screen?

Very little work to create the link, though the UI can take a little bit of work. Assuming we can piggyback on the welcome screen, the workload should be reduced and I don't anticipate it taking too long.
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I'm not actively working on this, but maybe it'll happen as part of the current onboarding intiative.
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