Assert that an imgRequest's original URI and the URI of its cache key match

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3 years ago
The image cache is keyed on the original URI of each image - that is, the URI before redirects.

To make this work, we rely in places on nsIChannel::GetOriginalURI() actually returning that original URI - the one passed to LoadImage().

I want to add an assertion that this is always the case. However, we seem to have a lot of bugs in this area! I've already discovered and fixed bug 1163866 while trying to add this assertion in bug 1160703, but there seem to be more issues.

I think it's better to land the assertion in this bug, which can depend on the fixes for any further Necko-level issues that get discovered.
To my understanding, the problem here is that for an image loaded via a .sjs that redirects to a data URI, GetOriginalURI returns the data URI instead of the .sjs.
This problem only seems to appear on the test infrastructure, and not when the test is run locally.

Also, from the try run, I'm inclined to believe this is only for e10s.
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