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Developer Tools: CSS Rules Inspector
2 years ago
2 years ago


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From a feedback post: http://alfonsoml.blogspot.com.es/2015/05/firefox-devtools-long-way-to-go.html

"Extra Bonus points and the main reason that IE11 it's now mostly my prefered tool for CSS adjustment is its Changes pane that shows all the CSS changes made in the page. Certainly it's a little buggy sometimes and it could have several enhancements, but all the rest of developer tools lacks anything like this and it's precious to be sure to know all the adjustments made across different elements."
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Setting as P2 since it's been mentioned as high prio during visual tools work week.
Priority: -- → P2
See Also: → bug 794237
Whiteboard: [btpp-fix-later]
Component: Developer Tools: Inspector → Developer Tools: CSS Rules Inspector
See Also: → bug 1124853
See Also: → bug 996550
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