Please create an index to the latest simulator build for b2g



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Currently I see :

for the simulator for linux 64 bit
and, where it has all the other links for emulator, flame, mulet, desktop and aries.  

Could we get a link to the simulator in the subdirectories please?

note: the builds not being listed in any of the subdirectories: is being tracked in bug 1167266
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So you want:
To be listed in:

Is that correct?
I think this is already the case, if you checkout:


I might be wrong here... We should really document what kinds of builds we have an where we
want them indexed. I certainly didn't expect "buildbot.branches.mozilla-central.linux64_gecko"
to be the b2g-desktop build.

Note, if you inspect the task, you can look at task.routes, to see what they are indexed under.
Any route on the form "index.<namespace>" you have the task indexed under <namespace> in index.
Well, the thought is more to conglomerate all things B2G in one folder somewhere; you're right.  We should be aware of x64 linux versus linux versus windows versus mac for the b2g desktop and .xpi (simulator ) and mulet and emulator.  Note : all 4 build types are different.

I don't know what the finished indexing should look like.  The current situation is that it's easy to get lost in trying to search for the builds.

I agree that we do need this documented; other people have mentioned the same.
I believe we would have to update multiple moz dev docs, such as but not limited to :

etc. etc...
(Please NI me if you need more information from me)
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You are documenting in-tree logic (integration bits) this quarter. Can you take a look at documenting
index namespaces too?

I'm not quiet sure what the logic behind the current design is, "linux.b2g-desktop.opt" seems like a
lot of dots to me, where maybe we could do dashes to make less  hierarchy where we might not need it.
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Naoki -- is any work here still needed?
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Yes.  Documentation work on the indexes and indexes pointing to the simulator builds.
(not to be confused with emulator, mulet, b2g desktop builds; these are all different.)
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