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Execution cannot reach the expression "?unknown?" inside this statement in jsfriendapi.cpp


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firefox41 --- fixed


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This expression is useless:
value ? value : "?unknown?",
As we already check that 'value' is not NULL a few lines upper.
Hi, I would like to fix this bug. I have cloned the repository and fixed the source code.

I just replaced line 782 as such:   ' value ? value : "?unknown?", '  => ' value, '
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Replacing line with non needed conditional statement

Please remove the comment. It is not necessary.

Once you uploaded the new version of the patch, please submit for review (for example: look at the hg history of the file to know who is reviewing this file).
Assignee: nobody → m.jethva01
Hi, Once I am back home, I will upload the new patch asap and submit for review. Thanks
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Removed the comment
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Hi, I updated the line since value is already defined based off the IF statement.
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Mayank, Phil is a sheriff (folks who are in charge of managing the commit and uplift of the patches). 
Terrence is probably a better reviewer.
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Oh. I did git blame because I didn't have mercurial installed. I will install it tonight.
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According to mercurial, evilpie touched this code most recently.
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How can I test this on the try server?
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I don't think this is needed. The patch is simple enough!
I just noticed that you used tabs instead of spaces. js/src uses 4 spaces for indention, the rest of Gecko usually uses 2 spaces, but never tabs.
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