vertical-align renders results unexpectedly




4 years ago
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4 years ago
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Steps to reproduce:

Created a test case here:

Actual results:

vertical-align: middle; elements render parent to be bigger than expected

Expected results:

the demo should of rendered 60px in height, not 61px
Is the "just for debugging" stuff supposed to be in there?

I didn't look at the testcase closely, but in general, inline elements have extents, determined by extending the font metrics outwards so that they're the size of the 'line-height' (which is really 'inline-height') that increase the height of the line.  That might be what you're seeing.

Comment 2

4 years ago
@David, thanks for the guess. but I've set the line height to all elements to be 20px. so it should, indeed be 60px on the `.layout` element

the just for debugging stuff was to illustrate the rendered example without drawing on the box.
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