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Steps to reproduce:

Opened sound settings on gnome desktop on Linux and navigated to application(sinks).

Actual results:

Firefox showed two audio sinks for a single google hangout that was open, both were labeled WEBRTC VoiceEngine. One Sink had a film reel and musical note as its icon and the other had a microphone as icon. This leads the user to think that one is microphone and the other is speaker but that doesn't come across very well when both are labeled VoiceEngine and the icons themselves aren't immediately obvious.  

The second labeled sink you will find in the attached screenshot is ALSA plug-in [plugin-container] which is a single sink which controls audio from all flash which runs in firefox(videos, audio, ads etc). Doesn't matter how many audio streams are actually running because firefox doesn't seem to create individual audio streams for each individual flash video that plays. Not as high a priority as WEBRTC and Html5Video/audio.

The last two sinks you will see are both labeled CubebUtils and reference two seperate html5 videos which are playing in separate tabs in firefox. This can become nightmare inducing when dealing with multiple html5 videos or even html5 adverts which begin playing while you are watching/listening to something else.

Expected results:

The labels of the sinks should be inherited from either the site(tab name) or content which is being played. 
I think that favicons should be used as icons for the pulseaudio sink for everything minus the WebRTC sinks, firefox should display a clear speaker or microphone symbolic icon along with the name of the site/tab as the sink label.
Component: Audio/Video → Audio/Video: MSG/cubeb/GMP
Component: Audio/Video: MediaStreamGraph → Audio/Video: cubeb


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