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Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ references from NSS


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The only reason for __DATE__ and __TIME__ to be used in NSS is for rcsid and sccsid strings for "Version information for the 'ident' and 'what commands". I doubt anyone has used either commands or had use for those strings in the past 10 years. Let's remove them.
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In addition to removing __DATE__ and __TIME__, you're also removing code that embeds version number infomation in the binaries.

It's currently possible to use e.g.
  strings |grep -w NSS
and identify the version of the library.

I don't know if we strictly require it, or if the developers had deliberately intended this to work, but I think that's nice to have.

I don't mind removing the build date/time from the library, but keeping the embedded version string in the binary might be nice?
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Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ references from NSS

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I agree with Kai's assesment.

I don't have a problem with removing The date and time, and we don't need 2 of each (we don't really care about ident any more since we haven't used cvs/rcs for a long time, but we need to keep the string with the library version and features:


$Header: NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC  Jun 10 2015 19:41:58 $

$Header: NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC $
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BTW we don't use ident, we use strings to find these. We still use those.

We don't need 2 versions of each, though.
(In reply to Robert Relyea from comment #3)
> Proposed:
> $Header: NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC $

Do we require the "$Header:" prefix and "$" suffix?

Would it be sufficient to have this?
  NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC
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No, it's good to have something to identify it as the version, but it doesn't have to be $Header: or @(#). 

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Then I'd suggest to change the existing

  $Header: NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC  Jun 10 2015 19:41:58 $

into new:

  Version: NSS 3.19.1 Extended ECC
I'm OK with that. If Mike has a better suggestions, I'd be OK to hear it as well.
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Remove __DATE__ and __TIME__ references from NSS

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r+ rrelyea.
Thanks Mike!
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Thank you Mike!
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