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Provide link to add Add-ons in Customize Mode


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For users to easily find additional features when customizing their browser we can provide a link to get more features / add-on (about:addons). Currently there is such a link, but only if all other icons are placed in the toolbar or menu.
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How about we provide a button looking like a placeholder for more Features, underneath the grid of Tools/Features…
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That's a good direction. I like the fact that it spans the entire width of the customize panel, so there won't be any confusion about it being just another thing that you can drag somewhere.

The current styling looks a lot like the drop zones that OS X and (increasingly) some websites are using. Can we make it more apparent that this is a thing that you should click on?
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Yes, I can see that connection. Makes it definitely look to passive. Having it be a button helps, but then it can not stretch the full width without loosing it's button-appearance. Therefore the lines.
(Another option is placing it to the right of the Title, but I favor this)
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This should be a link the same way that the "Choose from thousands of add-ons" is a link. I don't see why one would be a link and the other a button.

Since this will open in a new tab, I think a link makes more sense to users.
This button should replace "Choose from thousands of add-on", otherwise we would have the same action twice. (see attachment for proposal of empty state)
As "Add more Features" should be perceived as an action, I chose to make it a button. Links within Firefox are mostly used for providing context, or more information on a subject; so for non-actionable, more content-related aspects.
Technically both (action and information) are links, conceptually there is a difference though, and I think the concept (action or information) should be visualized by the element used. (action = button, information = link)
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Yeah, that looks nice!
Filing as QX, since the core team probably won't have the capacity to work on it soon, but it looks like a good bug for a contributor!
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