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Remove nsCharProps1 if using ICU


(Core :: Internationalization, defect)

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firefox41 --- affected
firefox43 --- fixed


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All members of nsCharProps1 can replace with ICU API
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WIP.  Also, I should add fix to perl script ( for this.
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Part 1. Make GetCharProps1 as static function

nsCharProps1 can replace with ICU, so I want that GetCharProps1 isn't exported to replace with ICU.
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Part 2. Use ICU instead of GetCharProps1 if available

If ICU is available, we should use ICU API instead of using nsCharProps1
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Just wondering, have you compared performance at all (e.g. talos tp numbers) to see if this makes any measurable change (either better or worse) compared to our existing code? I think character property lookup is pretty hot code.
OK, looks like this isn't going to move the needle perceptibly (either way), which is fine - thanks.
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Part 2. Use ICU instead of GetCharProps1 if available

Review of attachment 8655878 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks OK to me. (Please make the commit message a bit more complete - e.g. insert "instead of GetCharProps1 and its supporting data", or something like that.)
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