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Steps to reproduce:

I love the open web apps of Firefox. However I love staying within the Firefox environment even more, I feel very safe and most of all confident that its not filling my hardrive with junk that cant be removed. When open web apps get installed onto OS level its hard to uninstall them completely. On Windows it leaves a bunch of junk in the registry.

I'm an addon developer and I ensure that all my latest addons dont leave a trace on "uninstall". 

I heard that two of the reasons for installing OS level was to avoid clutter, and then to sandbox applications from each other to avoid leaking user's info. However this should be easily possible in Firefox, we can keep them out of the cookies etc.

Most of all though, I installed it from Firefox, why do I have to go to OS now to unisntall it? When I installed my first app I looked around forever in Firefox on where the uninstall button was.

Expected results:

discussion to possibly add an option to have open web apps install onto firefox level instead of os level. maybe make it default option, with os level as other option.
Hi Noitidart,

Can you please give me an example of web applications that you have installed to try to reproduce this issue on my environment ?

Also, can you please test this on the latest Firefox release (42.0) or latest Nightly build (https://nightly.mozilla.org/) and tell me if something has changed ?
If nothing has changed on the latest builds we may consider this as an enhancement but we will need to find the developers opinion first.

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2 years ago
Hi there Cosmin
Doesn't everything intall on the OS level? I'll give this a shot tonight please on my VM, I don't install WebApps on my main because i  dont want to pollute the OS.


2 years ago
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Summary: Option to make Open Web Apps install into Firefox instead of OS level → Option to make Open Web Apps install into Firefox profile instead of OS level
Version: 38 Branch → unspecified
Per bug 1238079, we're going to disable the desktop web runtime and remove it
from the codebase, so we won't fix these bugs in the integration between Firefox and the runtime.
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2 years ago
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