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Every unverified addon links to page explaining why this warning appears. Currently this is a wiki page explaining the technical details behind addon signing. This is probably good for developers to get some background information, but should not be the source of information for all users, once this ships. The final product should rather link to the sumo on the topic:
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Joni, the sumo article you wrote is made for the install process more information, but it's content fit's the case of already installed addons as well. Only the headline does not fit in this case. Can you possibly change it, so it may fit installing unverified addons, and already installed unverified addons?
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Sure, I've changed it to "Add-ons signing in Firefox". Let me know if you have any other suggestions.
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So we should change this link now? Should we also change the link from bug 1171146 and bug
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Yes, please do change it. And yes please do as well in the other mentioned cases. (Assuming the second bug is also doorhanger warning about unverified add-on.)
If there is an option to only change it for release, and leave the link to the wiki for pre-release that would be great, as the wiki contains more information for devs, but is too much information for most users.
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[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: Better user messaging.

I'd rather keep the differences between development and release to a minimum. Maybe we can add a link to the dev page from the sumo page if that seems a problem.
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[Feature/regressing bug #]: Bug 1171146 and bug 1149702
[User impact if declined]: Support links go to the developer friendly site rather than the support site
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: On m-c for two days and some automated testing
[Risks and why]: Very low, simple link changes
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QA Contact: vasilica.mihasca
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I was able to reproduce this issue on Firefox 40.0a2 (2015-06-08).

Verified fixed on Firefox 41.0a1 (2015-06-16) and Firefox 40.0a2 (2015-06-17) under Windows 7 64-bit, Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit and Mac OS X 10.9.5
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