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Update internal timezone database to version 2015e


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AFAIK Lightning contains timezone definitions based on 2015a release.

The latest release is 2015d and based on the release notes the timezones for Egypt, Mongolia, and Palestine were changed.

We should include this changes.
If we want to do this for 4.0 we'd need to patch it asap, release builds are likely being created soon.
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These were all the changes our script does. Please double check that there are not more changes and our script needs bugfixing.

Unfortunately I don't think we can include this for 4.0, the release builds are going to build asap. If you have time this weekend, maybe we can still push it in before the release builds start.
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Fix - v1

r=me, sorry for the delay

Could you do a comparison with 2015e and incorporate changes if necessary? Reading comment in it seems this can be run on Linux only but not on my Windows build system.
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Yes, I'll take a look. Which comment are you referring to? I haven't tried on windows, I guess there may be some path issues.
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Summary: Update internal timezone database to version 2015d → Update internal timezone database to version 2015e
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