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Enable payments in Fennec release channel


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(firefox38.0.5-, firefox39+ fixed, firefox40 fixed, firefox41 fixed)

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firefox39 + fixed
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It seems like when the payments settings got added to fennec, they got turned off in production and never turned on.

If I understand the #ifndef RELEASE_BUILD, that means payments are not enabled in stable but just Nightly and Aurora. Can we please get that turned on as soon as possible since we launched payments for Android for the Marketplace a while ago.

If there's a . release of 38, this should be a relatively minor bug to fix in that release I imagine.
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]: would like to get that ifndef removed asap and should be a low impact change
Summary: Payments off by default in production? → Enable payments on stable
There were two ifdefs in a row. Looks like the version control did not do a good job of dealing with code deletion. is what you want. Which shows bug 878327 introduced the ifdef. Bug 898499 introduced "dom.mozPay.enabled", true.

Has this been tested and shown to work on Firefox for Android Aurora or Nightly? We generally don't turn on major features in point releases.
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Yes the QA team has been testing using nightly, beta for the last few months and signed it off once the WebIDL changes were completed earlier this year. We've been waiting for 38 to turn it on and had no idea the prefs were marked off like that.

The only impact is access to the marketplace web based payments flow.
I'm OK with flipping it on as long as Andy/QA feel this has been tested on Fennec Nightly and Aurora.
[Tracking Requested - why for this release]:
This will have to be fixed for 39 and wait for this release to go live.

Sorry, we cannot take changes like that in release. For now, there is no driver for a 38.0.6 of Fennec (and we probably won't have one as 38.0.5 is just 38+adjust SDK+a few low risk fixes).
Summary: Enable payments on stable → Enable payments on the fennec release
Please let me know when you land a fix for this, and request uplift to aurora and beta. Thanks!
Component: Settings and Preferences → Build Config & IDE Support
Summary: Enable payments on the fennec release → Enable payments in Fennec release channel
Rubberstamp from Andy that these prefs are correct.

Rubberstamp from mfinkle for the sake of process.
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Tracked for 39.
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Over to you to request uplifts, Andy.
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Enable payments in Fennec release channel. v1

You'll need to set the approval-mozilla-beta, approval-mozilla-aurora to ? at
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Enable payments in Fennec release channel. v1

Approval Request Comment
[Feature/regressing bug #]: Marketplace payments
[User impact if declined]: Marketplace payments will not be active
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: Web QA have been testing on nightly
[Risks and why]: No risk, this feature has been well testeed
[String/UUID change made/needed]: None
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So, was this on in aurora for 39?
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It was guarded by a release channel flag, so it was on for Nightly 39 and Aurora 39, but off for Beta 39 and release 39.
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The things giving me pause here are:  new feature enabling on beta; no one even noticed this was broken till beta 2; are you now sure that this isn't going to be messed up again when we move to release?  I don't want to end up doing a point release for this. 

Since this was tested and on for 39 during nightly and aurora, that addresses my first concern, so I'm ok uplifting this and making sure the feature carries on for beta. Are you continuing testing during beta?
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Enable payments in Fennec release channel. v1

Approved for uplift to aurora and beta. This feature was preffed on for 39 nightly and aurora; this was an oversight in the ifdef statements accidentally turning off the feature when we moved to beta.
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I just tested Beta, noted the prefs are installed and got through to the payments page for the marketplace just fine. I believe that what's on Beta is whats going out on release, so things look good. Thanks.
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Target Milestone: Firefox 41 → mozilla41
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