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Track how many times the SurfaceCache has overflowed and report it in about:memory


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I've run into a lot of issues with management of image memory that only happen in a very transient fashion - for example, only when scrolling. These issues generally don't show up in about:memory because by the time someone collects a report, the peak memory situation is already over and things have returned to normal.

I'd like a cheap way for these issues to leave some kind of trace in about:memory, so it's more obvious in memory reports when these things are happening. The most obvious approach is to count the number of times we've been unable to insert a surface because the SurfaceCache was out of space. I needed a snappy term for that, so let's call it an "overflow".

I'm not going to do it in this bug, but this is also the kind of thing that might be worth reporting in Telemetry. If we ever see a sudden increase in the number of overflows users are experiencing, it'd be something we'd want to investigate ASAP.
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Track how many times the SurfaceCache has overflow and report it in about:memory

Just one language nit:

>@@ -792,16 +794,24 @@ public:
>+    rv = MOZ_COLLECT_REPORT("imagelib-surface-cache-overflow-count",
>+                            KIND_OTHER, UNITS_COUNT,
>+                            mOverflowCount,
>+                            "Count of how many times the surface cache has hit "
>+                            "its capacity limit and been unable to insert a "
>+                            "new surface.");

"capacity limit" seems a bit redundant. Maybe drop "limit"?

(so, "...hit its capacity and been unable to insert")

r=me regardless
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Thanks for the review! I'll make that change.
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