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I can't really understand what is the role of TextureSource when I first time saw this class name. After read comments and how it interact with TextureHost, I realized it's kind of a builder tool to build platform(beck-end) texture. So, I think TexureBuilder might be a suitable name for it.
Nical, can you respond/add the appropriate comments?
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3 years ago
TextureSource is a texture that can be used as a source for compositing. Just like Moz2D's SourceSurface are surfaces that can be used as sources for drawing.
TextureSource "is" the texture rather than a tool to create them and "builder" is usually for the factory kind of objects so I'd prefer sticking with "TextureSource" (or "SourceTexture").

TextureClient and TextureHost are actually the two names that I am not very happy with because they sound like they are the client of a texture and the host of a texture (whereas they are in fact the client-side and host-side interface for a shared texture.

I find that SourceTexture would be a better name (would better resonate with SourceSurface), but we've had this bad habit of naming things backwards in layers (HostTexture and ClientTexture would also be better names than TextureHost and TextureClient from an english perspective).
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3 years ago
There hasn't been activity on this bug for a month so I am closing it. Please feel free to reopen if you want to continue this discussion.
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