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IOError: Can't find in ['.', '/home/worker/mozharness/scripts/../configs', '/home/worker/mozharnes s/scripts/../../configs']!


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Not set


(firefox41 fixed)

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firefox41 --- fixed


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This seems to be the result of a change in the way that MH looks for configs.
Something has changed between 0.0.14 and 0.0.15, that makes custom configs fail:

Note, it's not a mozharness change (see the gif above).
It doesn't look like there ever was a 0.0.14 in-tree, and I may not have been very good about bumping VERSION when actually landing things, and about ensuring that the image with tag $VERSION matches what's in-tree with that VERSION.

I just built and pushed 0.0.16 from 6256ee8a3344 (my latest push to inbound).  Give that a try, and if it works we can push a VERSION bump to 0.0.16 and call it good.  I'll try to be more careful from here on out :)
I changed testing/docker/desktop-build/VERSION to 0.0.16 and still hit this error:

Adding MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPLOAD: 0 seems to have fixed the other bug though.
Sorry, I should have seen this the first time -- we now use --no-sendchange to disable sendchange, so it's no longer required in the build task.
Bug 1171390: bump desktop-build VERSION; r=ahal
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Bug 1171390: don't use; r=ahal

This file has been removed and is no longer necessary, as passes
--no-sendchange to mozharness.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1171390: don't use; r=ahal

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MozReview Request: Bug 1171390: bump desktop-build VERSION; r=ahal

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