With multiple IMAP accounts, re-opened Draft message of one IMAP account displays other account's email in "From:" field



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Steps to reproduce:

I have two IMAP accounts at the same Email provider (so same sever host name but different user names and emails) configured in SeaMonkey 2.33.1 running on Win7x64. Let's call them accounts A and B.
I have created a number of draft messages which are stored in Draft folder of account A. I have never touched nor modified the "From:" filed of any of those draft messages.

I am not able to regularly repeat the issue.
I also have two different Outgoing servers (SMTP) defined with different user names, and assigned accounts A and B to their respective Outgoing server. So in other words none of the 2 accounts has "Use default server" set for the Outgoing server anymore. That however didn't improve the situation.

Actual results:

For *some* of my draft massages, when I open an existing message from the Draft folder of account A, it displays the email address of account B in the top "From:" field.
When I save that opened draft again, accordingly it get's saved in account B's Draft folder (while the draft email in account A is removed.)

Expected results:

As it's a draft message for account A, it should be showing the default email identity's address for account A as long as I didn't change the "From:" selection.
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