RFE: A real option/preference to toggle timezones links next to start/end time in new event dialog



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Event dialog does not show timezones (links) by default. This is toggled by Options menu > Show Timezones which is not a real option in preference

This bug is a follow-up on one discussion from news://news.mozilla.org/mozilla.dev.apps.calendar.

Currently, when we open event dialog, the timezones (links) next to Start/End date-time picker is not shown by default. It would be nice to have a preference to turn this ON for every *new* event dialog.

For the moment, (or maybe as a tricky workaround), if we go to menu Options and select "Show Timezones...", new event dialogs will have the timezones links shown up.

However, it turns out that this option is actually stored inside localstore.rdf file -- which means actually it was not designed as a preference but just as a setting amongst others like window position.

So, here is the request:
Make "Show timezones" a real software-wide option.
Because this option might not be needed by the majority of the users, it's OK that it is only changeable in advanced settings like Config Editor (about:config).  It could be something like calendar.event_dialog.option.show_timezones (boolean type).  As to where it is actually stored, it's up to the designed to decide. (Is there a preference file grouping all Lightning preference or everything is grouped in Thunderbird pref.js?)

Then in the future, maybe we could also add a GUI option to change it if needed.

On the other hand, the effect of "Options > Show Timezones..." preferably should be restricted to the current event window and should not propagate to other event windows, much like the effect of other options: "Invite Attendees", "Attach", etc.  In other words, the scope of all these options MUST BE the current window ONLY such that we could have an event dialog showing timezones while another does not.
If you want quicker access to this UI setting just customize the toolbar and add the Show Timezones button to it.
Component: Internal Components → Dialogs
The intent for this bug was to for enterprise users to be able to default-on this option using a preferences file. I don't necessarily agree that using localstore for a UI setting like this is a bad choice. The localstore file is not only for window positions, but really anything in the UI that should be persisted and this is just what is happening.

On the other hand, I understand the use case. Right now an enterprise user would have to create an extension that sets the UI option on first load of the event dialog. Its not impossible, but its more complicated than a pref.

I'm still undecided though, I'm happy to get more opinions.

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4 years ago
It seems that the file has changed to xulstore.json on TB38

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4 years ago
in the file, it's turned on with:
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