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DocAccessibleParent::Destroy shouldn't call RemoteDocShutdown on non-top level document


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When a DocAccessible has Unbind called on it, it no longer has a parent document. If Destroy is called at some point after, it will think it's a top level document and erroneously call RemoteDocShutdown.
Summary: DocAccessible::Destroy shouldn't call RemoteDocShutdown on non-top level document → DocAccessibleParent::Destroy shouldn't call RemoteDocShutdown on non-top level document
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add field to indicate if a DocAccessibleParent is a top level doc, check when Destroy is called

># HG changeset patch
># User Lorien Hu <>
># Date 1433956020 14400
>#      Wed Jun 10 13:07:00 2015 -0400
># Node ID 1ad52bb738487378c8ed166db74fa7c9da6396b7
># Parent  517791f65cd95dcb8cf3d9fee022d7b1109201b3
>Bug 1173418 - Add top-level field to DocAccessibleParent and check on destruction

how about something like

the bug title and then some more explanation?

>+  mTopLevel = true;

might as well inline it

>   DocAccessibleParent() :
>-    ProxyAccessible(this), mParentDoc(nullptr), mShutdown(false)
>+    ProxyAccessible(this), mParentDoc(nullptr), mTopLevel(false), mShutdown(false)

over 80 chars

>+  void SetTopLevel();
>+  bool IsTopLevel() { return mTopLevel; };

make it const?
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Check if a document is top level in DocAccessibleParent::Destroy so that RemoteDocShutdown isn't erroneously called

>+  inline void SetTopLevel() { mTopLevel = true; }
>+  inline bool IsTopLevel() const { return mTopLevel; }

inline is implicit for methods defined within the class.
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