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Information for implementing this has been added to the mana page (API credentials etc)

Attached here is an example json output. Note the fields and if there is any impact on how we filter (I think no).

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3 years ago
Generally it looks good but I've some questions regarding their API fields, data validation and positions with multiple allowed allocations. I emailed Workable and I'm waiting for their replies.

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3 years ago
As expected there are a few differences on the flexibility and setup of the different platforms, jobvite and workable. I researched and I came up with three points that need special attention: 

1. Position type

Workable has fixed values for position type
 - Full-time
 - Part-time
 - Contract
 - Temporary 
 - Other

Currently on carrers.m.o we use 
 - Regular (Full-Time)
 - Fixed-Term (MoFo)
 - Seasonal

and AFAIK jobvite allows us to add and edit position types. Since this is not possible with workable I suggest that we change the values of the fields in Jobvite and go with what Workable offers.

2. Location

Workable supports one location per job listing. Their suggestion for multiple locations is to create multiple job listings. Alternatively I suggest that we re-purpose 'City' free text field and type in the location(s): Bay Area, Europe, Greece. Telecommute checkbox will be used for 'Remote'.

If we are planning to use the automatic post submission of positions to third party services, offered by workable, the may need additional attention.

3. Category

Workable has a fixed list of 'Functions' (e.g. Data Analyst, Design, Administration). Since we need more flexibility I suggest that we re-purpose the 'Department' free text field in workable to work as Category. Care must be taken by the administrator of both Jobvite and Workable accounts to share the same Category text on both websites. For example both websites must have "People & Organizational Development" with a '&' instead of an 'and'.

Do these sound good?
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3 years ago
Spec is final!

Still blocked on sec review, but we can implement once they get their contract in order.
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3 years ago
Commits pushed to master at
[fix bug 1173432] Workable intergration for MoFo.
Merge pull request #134 from glogiotatidis/workable

[fix bug 1173432] Workable intergration for MoFo.


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3 years ago
This is now on production. To enable after resolving bug 1162721 we need to edit local config and add to variables WORKABLE_URI and WORKABLE_API_KEY.

For example:


Then add a cronjob (as often as the syncjobvite one) to execute the following command:

./ syncworkable

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3 years ago

I am going to call this one done from our side, no idea how long it will take for them to get this approved.
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