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Migrate to profiles



3 years ago
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3 years ago
Currebtly uses avatars from However with the mozillians API v2 it's possible to use the avatar from Mozillians instead.
That's a really nice idea! Thanks for submitting this bug. I am adding this bug to the pipeline.
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There is a docs for the mozillian api?
I can try to work on that.
Thanks Daniele for taking an interest on this bug.
Documentation for the API can be found here:
PR done:

The missing part is the avatar resize that i have not developed because is required to download the avatar.
The html and css resize the avatar without problems.
Priority: -- → P3
Uh one of my first pr to the portal that wasn't approved.
Before to work on that I think that we have to define if we want that because was rejected before about updates on the portal that not happened.
Whiteboard: [kb=1774492] → [kb=1774492][profiles]
Whiteboard: [kb=1774492][profiles] → [profiles][kb=1774492]
Whiteboard: [profiles][kb=1774492] → [profiles]
As discussed during All Hands we will be moving to profiles. I've renamed the issue here.
Priority: P3 → P1
Summary: Use avatars from mozillians → Migrate to profiles
From our notes:

* Remove the profiles app and use the profile to get the user data. Also drop the mozillians view and only allow Mozillians (non Reps) to subscribe to events.
* Fields to keep (from our current understanding):

Date joined
Added by
Mobilizing expertise
Learning interests
Planet feed
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