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Add a comment to the "bad size recorded" assertion to explain how to work around it


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firefox41 --- affected
firefox42 --- fixed


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This assertion is not very helpful. We should add a comment to the effect that you shouldn't implement refcounting in a templated class, but rather a non-templated base class. Or something like that. It would also be nice if we could somehow statically check that but I'm not sure how.
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make error message for mismatched leak log entries more helpful

Review of attachment 8627361 [details] [diff] [review]:

Thanks for fixing this!

::: xpcom/base/nsTraceRefcnt.cpp
@@ +425,5 @@
>        }
>      } else {
> +#ifdef DEBUG
> +      static const char kInconsistentSizesMessage[] =
> +        "Mismatched sizes were recorded in the memory leak logging table. "

Mismatched -> Inconsistent? You are being inconsistent here. ;)

@@ +429,5 @@
> +        "Mismatched sizes were recorded in the memory leak logging table. "
> +        "The usual cause of this is having a templated class that uses "
> +        "MOZ_COUNT_{C,D}TOR in the constructor or destructor, respectively. "
> +        "As a workaround, the MOZ_COUNT_{C,D}TOR calls can be moved to a "
> +        "(non-templated) base class.";

the () around non-templated seems unnecessary to me.

@@ +434,1 @@
>        NS_ASSERTION(aInstanceSize == 0 ||

I wonder if we should make this MOZ_ASSERT. Probably not for this bug, though, as I have a bad feeling about what might go wrong.
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