Getting out "automatic power saving" mode, WiFi may not be switched ON back



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Steps to reproduce:

B2G on ZTE Open C FR
Properties > Battery > automatic power saving set ON and set threshold.
Properties > Wi-Fi > ON
(let the battery getting discharged under the "automatic power saving" threshold)
Plug the phone to the charger power cable (with charger plugged on Power)

Actual results:

a) On "notification bar", the Wi-Fi icon is still coloured ON, while Wi-Fi is still OFF
b) Press this icon has no effect
c) Properties > Wi-Fi > ON has no effect : Network search operation stuck in "waiting" state (even if b) has been skipped)
d) need to reboot phone to get back the Wi-Fi connexion.

Expected results:

Wi-Fi should be switched ON back if external power is ON or if battery charge goes back over thershold. 
a) On "notification bar", the Wi-Fi icon should have the real state.
b) Press this icon should have an effect
c) Properties > Wi-Fi > ON should succeed.
d) reboot should not be necessary

Comment 1

2 years ago
I wrongly translated FR-"Param├Ętres" to EN-"Properties", it should be "Settings".
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