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Steps to reproduce:

With no Firefox task currently running, from Windows Explorer select an HTML file and hit Enter.

Actual results:

After scrolling the web page, Firefox becomes "unresponsive" which is the word Windows puts in the window title bar when it then makes the window inaccessible to further use.  I am able to kill FF from the Task Manager, which appears to be the only way out.  When it relaunches, it tries to resume the same session.  I quickly close all the windows before scrolling any of them in order to avoid a recurrence of the problem.

Expected results:

It shouldn't have locked up, obviously.  If I launch FF from the Start Menu so that a firefox.exe entry already exists in Task Manager, even if my only open FF window is just the Library window, then I can hit Enter on the HTML file in Windows Explorer and the problem does not occur.

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4 years ago
This bug is intermittent.  I have encountered it a number of times over the past 3 or 4 weeks.  But I've tried several times just now to reproduce it & I have to admit I was unable to recreate it.  But honest, it was happening.  I didn't imagine it.  It was happening practically every time.  Now it's fine.  Go figure.  Maybe FF figured out I was tattling on him & now he's behaving.  I don't know . . .
please post a log from about:support
It's possible some of your add-ons is causing this strange behavior, maybe you could try in a clean profile?

And if that helps you might try resetting your profile:


4 years ago
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4 years ago
I swear this product is self-aware.  Since I posted this report I have been utterly unable to cause the problem again.  And I've tried maybe 15-20 times.  To my knowledge I have done nothing to alter my system.  I promise I'll post again if it ever happens again but for now, I think maybe I'll just tuck my tail between my legs and slink back into my burrow.

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4 years ago
Besides that, I think you should update your ATI Radeon HD 3400 drivers to the latest version, 13.9 (15/10/2013):

It could fix some perf issues.

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4 years ago
Thanks for that.  I suppose I should have done that on my own a long time ago.  However, this problem seems to have gone away the moment I reported it.  And I am not suffering any performance issues.  Nonetheless, I have downloaded & installed the newest drivers for my video adapter.  Which aren't all that new, are they?  I'm not sure it's made any difference.  Then again, I haven't rebooted yet.  The installer did not tell me I had to, which rather surprises me.  But I will make a point of rebooting later, when it's more convenient for me.  Assume no news is good news, which is to say, if I remain silent here from this point forward, it means everything is fine.  Unless, of course, somebody posts something that requires some action on my part.

I do note that, buried in the new software I seem to have acquired with this new driver, there is something that appears to allow me to define multiple desktops.  That sounds like a fun toy I may play around with.  And anything more about that is so far off this topic I won't mention it again.

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4 years ago
It sounds like this has gone away ("works for me"). If you figure out steps to make this reproduce reliably and/or have more clues about something Firefox is doing that we need to address, please feel free to reopen this report.
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