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Give users choice over search engine coming from OS level search inputs


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User Story

As a user when I use an operating system level search input which doesn't offer a choice of the search engine Firefox should default my query to my preferred search engine and offer me the choice to use the given engine.


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User choice is paramount in Firefox and choice of search engine has been an option in Firefox since the beginning of integrated search.

As operating systems move to having web search inputs integrated into their interfaces users are in danger of losing the choices they made for search engine within Firefox.  This a breakdown bug is to investigate a feature that ensures Firefox users continue to have control over their preferred web search engine, no matter where they started searching from.

Example Flow:

User focuses the Windows start menu search input titled "Search the web"
User enters search query: "Seahawks Superbowl Blunders"
Firefox opens a new tab for the query using the Search engine DuckDuckGo (which is the users chosen search engine)
Firefox shows an indicator, possibly in the search input, that the search terms were used with the users default engine.

Acceptance Criteria:

* Continue respecting URLs opened from other applications
( in systems where there is no easy user choice for search engine )
* Apply queries from OS search inputs to the users preferred search engine
* Indicate to user that their preferred search engine was used
* Allow users to easily get back to the original URL in case it was desired
* Give users the option of disabling this feature, possibly in preferences
under BD discussion - on our radar but not sure what implementation ask will be to change how our app works.

please let us know when this is actionable so we can discuss.
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Sorry, my bad, I thought there was still discussions ongoing. I'll sync with clarkbw as well.
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(Oops, meant to add that patch to bug 1177237 instead.)
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Breakdown is finished, remaining metrics implementation left.
Summary: [breakdown] Give users choice over search engine coming from OS level search inputs → Give users choice over search engine coming from OS level search inputs
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This was fixed by bug 1177237.
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