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Autophone - webappstartup fails to detect measurements


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Beginning with webappstartup fails to report measurements.

Looks like bug 1171013. esawin: Can we back this out? It is causing me pain.
disabled on everything except try for now.
Eugen, can you get this back to green?
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I did a series of try builds starting before the patch in bug 1171013


The issue really became apparent with the third patch.

The nexus 7 is showing partial failures with the run 1 of 8 with the second patch but it is a notoriously flaky device anyway.
The issue is that WebappManager expects the DOMApplicationRegistry to be ready on autoInstall, which is triggered when we try to re-install a webapp from the same location.

I have a patch ready soon, looks good so far:
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With bug 1171013 we've introduced lazy-loading of Webapps.jsm, so we cannot depend on DOMApplicationRegistry being ready on startup.

This patch ensures that we don't try to auto-update webapps before the registry is loaded and ready.

The change in browser.js is just a precaution, as currently it is safe to call receiveMessage on a non-fully initialized registry.
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Review of attachment 8624350 [details] [diff] [review]:

Looks good, and it should work correctly, as the lone caller of WebappManager.autoInstall doesn't depend on the timing of the _autoUpdate call.
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That won't actually run the autophone tests. We don't kick off autophone for -u all since most people don't care about autophone until they need to and autophone would suffer a DOS. I'll submit them autophone-webapp for you.
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(In reply to Bob Clary [:bc:] from comment #10)
> Note you have to show hidden jobs to see autophone:
> searchStr=autophone&exclusion_profile=false

Thanks, I assume the 4.3 one is the Nexus 7? I've submitted the autophone results in comment 4.
(In reply to Eugen Sawin [:esawin] from comment #12)

> Thanks, I assume the 4.3 one is the Nexus 7?

Yep. Not sure what is up with that. It was intermittent in the try runs I did last night. We'll see what it does going forward.
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