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[tracking] Investigate db inconsistencies between docker/dev and stage/prod.


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Docker bypasses migrations and creates all the tables only using syncdb. Dev was also created in this way when fakedata started. Stage and production have been running the migrations all along. Because of this docker/dev and stage/prod table definitions do not match which makes writing migrations difficult. (E.g. when trying to alter a column that is a foreign key to and is signed on dev but unsigned on prod)

This bug is to investigate other subtle differences and hopefully come up with a plan for reducing the differences so dev and local development more closely matches production.
The Django bug for making AutoFields unsigned is entertaining:
I tied myself into knots today because of this issue, as well. This makes it impossible to write functioning migrations when foreign keys are involved.

Nominate this as a P1.
Blocks: 905785, 1078531
As discussed during the work week between mat and I, the path of least resistance is to move the db schema to match what Django's syncdb outputs.

This may result in more changes than just the signed vs unsigned integers but it will ensure parity across all stages of our servers (from docker to dev to prod).

We may find tables we no longer use and can drop as well, e.g. auth_users?
There are two fixes that need to happen here:

1) an emergency fix to unblock people. This probably means copying the stage DB to dev, though that's pending consultation with ops. This is tentatively scheduled to happen on Tuesday afternoon after the push or on Wednesday morning.

2) a "right way" fix, as Rob proposes in comment 5: moving our database schema to match Django's syncdb outputs. This is a much more ambitious project that is obviously wide-reaching. It's also a blocker to bug  905785 and bug 1078531. It's important to take our time to do this right, and doing the emergency fix gives us the breathing room to do so.
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Emergency fix has been completed, thanks to help from :jason and :jlaz. Holler if there are any concerns.
A migration has been added to remove tables/columns that don't exist in the django-generated schema:

Data from the production database should load cleanly into the new schema now.

Added some unique constraints and indexes to Python to reflect what is currently in production.
Summary: Investigate db inconsistencies between docker/dev and stage/prod. → [tracking] Investigate db inconsistencies between docker/dev and stage/prod.
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New DB schema is in production.
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