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Update tracking protection settings item to only be about private browsing


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We should be able to just update this pref to "privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled", and we'll need to update the string in the settings UI.
Assignee: nobody → mhaigh
The string for this should be:

Tracking protection
Actively block tracking elements in Private Browsing
Wasn't quite sure how to test the pref change - any ideas?  I've implemented the changes as suggested
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testSettingsMenuItems is still broken on 4.3, and crashing on 2.3, but it's still running on 4.0 if you make try push. I would add it to that test.

You can also manually test - always seems to have tracking elements, so open that in PB and also regular.
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Update tracking protection settings item to only be about private browsing

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This looks about right. I second what liuche suggested - I would just go to a page with trackers in a private tab (most publishers should have them).

As part of this patch, you could also set the default pref value to true in mobile.js, and you could remove the logic that makes this visible pref Nightly-only so that it will ride the trains. Choo choo!
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Tested on (and a couple of other sites) and in PB I see a distinct lack of adverts!

I've removed the nightly flag from this feature, amended the test and set the default to true in mobile.js.

Go Tracking Protection!!
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Update tracking protection settings item to only be about private browsing

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One small piece of feedback, but r+ with that addressed.

::: mobile/android/app/mobile.js
@@ +275,5 @@
>  // disable updating
>  pref("", false);
> +// enable tracking protection for private browsing
> +pref("privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled", true);


::: mobile/android/base/preferences/
@@ +123,5 @@
>      private static final String PREFS_DEVTOOLS_REMOTE_ENABLED = "devtools.debugger.remote-enabled";
>      private static final String PREFS_DISPLAY_REFLOW_ON_ZOOM = "browser.zoom.reflowOnZoom";
>      private static final String PREFS_DISPLAY_TITLEBAR_MODE = "";
>      private static final String PREFS_SYNC = NON_PREF_PREFIX + "sync";
> +    private static final String PREFS_TRACKING_PROTECTION = "privacy.trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled";

We can get rid of this variable altogether, as it look like it's only used in the if statement below. Same goes for the PREFS_TRACKING_PROTECTION_LEARN_MORE variable.
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 42
Verified fixed using:
Device: Nexus 4 (Android 5.1)
Build: Firefox for Android 42.0a1 (2015-07-20)
Verified as fixed using:
Device: Samsung s6 (Android 5.1)
Builds: Firefox for Android 42 beta 1, 43.0a2 and 44.0a1 (2015-09-21)
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