showcase desktop invitation view incorrectly shows chat; make LoopTextChatView accept store parameter



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As a developer, the ui-showcase version of the DesktopRoomConversationView should display identically as the live version, so that I can use that ui-showcase version to develop more efficiently and find regressions.


3 years ago
With the landing of bug 1168848, the ui-showcase version Desktop Room Conversation (invitation) view incorrectly displays the TextChatView, which doesn't happen in the real client.

Part of the underlying problem here is that it's currently not possible to create a separate store with different state to hand to each TextChatView that is being rendered here.

Since the forward-looking React stuff (ES6 class based) isn't going to support mixins, we _might_ want to consider this bug a place to experiment with switching the generic store creation mechanism to using something other than mixins (see for one possibility).

That may well be enough of a can of worms that we don't want to conflate it with this bug, however.

However we solve the parametrization problem, we also need to figure out how to pass the store that we want to use into TextChatView when the TextChatView is only being rendered as a side-effect of rendering something that contains it (eg DesktopRoomConversationView).  In some ideal world, by the time we get to this bug, React context will be parent-based instead of owner based (, which would solve that problem nicely.


If React context support is better (maybe in 0.14) by the
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3 years ago
Depends on: 1168848

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3 years ago
would you put this as a P3 or P4?  sounds like something we should be revisiting in a couple of months based on your comments to see if anything has changed with React?

let me know if i read that right or if it's a higher priority / pain point tech-debt that we need to factor in earlier vrs dealing with the issue until there's a better way to resolve. =]
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3 years ago
P3 sounds fine; I think we should definitely revisit in a couple of months, as React 0.14beta has just come out, and 0.14 may well be done by then.
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3 years ago
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Support for Hello/Loop has been discontinued.

Hence closing the old bugs. Thank you for your support.
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