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maildir storage issues un-subscribing folder doesn't remove email files in file system


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Steps to reproduce:

Choose a folder with low email count.
Un-subscribe from folder.
Re-subscribe to folder

Actual results:

In file system of client:
.msf file removed (due to un-subsribe)
mail files still in folder

After re-subscribe, mail file count doubles in file system, old files are still there, new files are created from fresh downloads from the mail server.

Expected results:

If you unsubscribe from a folder, the local storage should be removed for that folder, not just the .msf file.

If OTOH you wish to keep the mail items in local storage (otherwise inaccessible from TB), then when you re-subscribe, it should pick up the emails that are already in the folder and either clean it out and re-download them or do an update without needing to download everything for the folder if possible.
Component: Untriaged → Backend
Product: Thunderbird → MailNews Core
Given the extreme slowness and other problems, I've reverted back to not saving messages locally.  This is so disappointing.  I gave up on mbox due to the troubles, now I'm giving up on maildir.  Perhaps the common problem of how .msf is handled might be the reason for the slowness; but I have nothing definitive.  Just a very poorly performing Intel Xeon X3360 (I know a bit old, but the machine shouldn't run like a slug) box with 8GB of RAM, sometimes of which TB took close to 3GB while trying to get messages sorted in the local store or whatever it was doing.  I'm using a couple of 2TB WD blacks (RAID1) with an LSI controller, so that shouldn't be a problem either.

With maildir I couldn't get folders to properly [sync] reflect the count of emails on the server.  Sometimes there were significantly more orphaned files than the count on the server; the server count was the same as being reported by TB though.

I can't reproduce this one now. I suspect some other change has accidentally fixed it :-)
I did discover that unsubscribe/subscribe cycles ends up creating extra .msf files (reported in Bug 1710320, and happen with mbox mailstores too) but I don't think its related.

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