Create non-admin-scaffold interface to compat overrides



4 years ago
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4 years ago
The compat overrides list needs to be available to people without full admin access, which is not currently possible with the django admin scaffold. Authors should also, ideally, be able to add overrides for their own add-ons.

I think we need two things:

1) A compat override field in the developer add-on version page, accessible to both add-on owners and senior editors.

2) A compat override dashboard, where we can look up existing overrides, and add overrides for add-ons or versions not currently on AMO.
What is the "compat overrides list" that you're talking about? Can you please elaborate?
It's a way for us to mark certain versions of an extension as incompatible with certain versions of Firefox / Thunderbird.


4 years ago
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