Firefox cannot remember username and password for Dell's iDRAC




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3 years ago
(I've observed this problem since a long time, when Firefox was at version 20.  It's still reproducible with the latest FF 38.0.5 in Windows and Linux)

This bug is about Firefox's incapability to retain username and password for Dell's iDRAC.  iDRAC stands for Dell Remote Access Controller (no idea what 'i' stands for) is a module in Dell's server which lets administrators to connect to it in order to monitor the server's health.  The "console" is presented as a website.  If you want to see how it looks like, you could take a look at

There, at 2:24, you could see the login screen.  It's at this screen that this bug is about.  Firefox is unable to remember username and password at this screen, which means every time I open the login screen, username and password fields are always empty!

I have many Dell servers to administer for my work.  I've checked password manager in FF.  It has NO record of any of these Dell server iDRAC website, username or password.  None of them!

I cannot open access to these iDRAC for test purpose, so I know it would be hard to diagnose what really goes wrong.  If anyone could fix this bug, that's of course great.  Or if anyone could point me to the direction to provide more info for this bug, I'd like to hear.


3 years ago
Component: General → Security
Component: Security → Password Manager
Product: Firefox → Toolkit

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3 years ago
OK, Password Manager is neither in "Firefox" nor "Core" but in "Toolkit"!  Got to know this in prior knowledge.

Thanks for moving it, Justin.
Component: Password Manager → Password Manager: Site Compatibility
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