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investigate/fix failure in layout/reftests/writing-mode/tables/fixed-table-layout-010-vlr.html and ...010-vrl.html


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These testcases were among the set landed with bug 1173958, but tryserver said that test 010 would fail on most platforms (see bug 1173958 comment 21). It's not entirely clear if this indicates a real bug that should be fixed in code, or an overly-fragile test that should be rewritten more robustly.

For the time being, the two 010 testcases are marked as random. We should remove this annotation after investigating/fixing as needed.
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Vertical alignment is hard...

writing-mode isn't involved here: the tests fail in the same way if I swap back the specified width and height and remove the vertical writing mode. The fix seems a bit like black magic to me, but I saw in more than one online source that the way to make a non-table element centre text vertically is to specify line-height (I would have expected |display: table-cell; vertical-align: middle| to have the same effect, but at least in this testcase it doesn't).

We might be able to make the test pass on Android too with a little juggling of the width and the font-size, but it doesn't seem worth investing the time right now.
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rebased and fixed typo in "Android"
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I don't really understand this, but whatever... it looks harmless in terms of what we're actually trying to test here, anyhow.
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