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thunderbird changes selected mail when older ones arrive


(Thunderbird :: Folder and Message Lists, defect)

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Steps to reproduce:

downloading mails from several POP-accounts. Selected a message from the first downloaded account in the message list, while thunderbird is still reading more accounts.

Actual results:

When a newer message (in date/time) arrives from the second/third... account, the oldest message gets highlighted/selected. The formerly manually selected mail is not selected anymore.

So: I select a message to delete. While I move the cursor from the message in the list to the delete-button, the second account has finished, my selected mail gets unselected and the oldest one gets selected instead - and I delete the wrong mail.

Expected results:

The manually selected mail should stay selected, no matter if meanwhile other (older) mails arrive from another account.
Severity: normal → minor
In "actual results" it should read: "when an older message..."
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