images within websites disappear when changing page colors




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Steps to reproduce:

Its a big problem. Occurs on all websites! Now its time to post this bug...

I often change page colors on websites with stupid colors to my preferred eye-friendly page colors for reading text.

Page colors can be changed in ff options, i prefer using
Color toggle 0.16.1-signed:
So i can click on a button in my toolbar for quickly toggle page colors.
This BUG is NOT caused by "Color toggle 0.16.1-signed", its a FF GENERAL BUG.

Actual results:

Changing "page colors" results in many images, video(player-images) and icons(images) to DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY!!!

Expected results:

Changing "page colors" results in ONLY CHANGED PAGE COLORS and ALL images, video(player-images) and icons(images) ARE STILL ALL VISIBLE!!!

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4 years ago
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4 years ago
The Screenshots are just an example to give n idea about how the "Google"-PNG-image disappears on
On youtube, the Search button-icon-image disappears...

On a lot of other sites, almost everything disappears... and i am stupidly forced to read the text on default page colors with completely NON-eye-friendly colors.
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Could you please provide detailed steps to reproduce this issue?
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3 years ago
Hi Justin, 

install the Color Toggle Addon, set the colors as provided in the 
then go to the example page
and toggle the Colors from PageColors to CustomColors and you will see the effect that many important images within the page will just disappear as you can see in
Ok Perfect. I can reproduce this issue. I will mark it as new and pass it up to a developer.
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(In reply to Justin - QA [:justin_SV_QA] from comment #10)
> Ok Perfect. I can reproduce this issue. I will mark it as new and pass it up
> to a developer.

Looks like this issue goes a ways back. Any chance you can create a minimized testcase and determine if it's a regression? If it is, please provide the regression window via mozregression.
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I will run a regression window on this.
Scratch my last comment Anthony. This is not a regression as FX36.0 the addon is not functional so the bug does not apply. But, this bug is reproducible from FX37.0 to Nightly 47.0a1.
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Moving this to ImageLib since that seems to be the most appropriate component. I'm not sure if this is a bug we can fix or if it's on the add-on developer to address it. Timothy, can you take a look at this?
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3 years ago
i got something the same with Content->Colors->Override colors
in linux there's no images, but in windows i can see more images with override and only some of them not seen

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3 years ago
i've inspected some code 

<a href="link" style="width: 510px; height: 471px; background-image: url(this-image.jpg)" class="page_post_thumb_wrap image_cover  page_post_thumb_last_column page_post_thumb_last_row"></a>

this link with style in embedded and posted in div is not displayed in Linux, but works in Windows
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