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I can't seem to focus the search input area in foxcasts app which makes it not usable.
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So, this is def. a bug, likely in the app. For whatever reason, the search input never receives focus. It's possible there's a subtle Gecko bug here, but it would be good for the app author to take a look.

Being an app, this wouldn't live in Tech Evangelism::Mobile, the closest thing is probably Preinstalled B2G Apps.

Doug, what's the usual process to track down an app author? Is there someone to ping?
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3 years ago

I'm the developer of Foxcasts. I've received a few bug reports about this all from people running B2G on Sony Xperia Z3s. I'm unable to replicate it on my Flame or the emulator.


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3 years ago
Search in Foxcasts works for me in the simulator and on my Flame as well.
Ah, that's good feedback Garrett and Robert. This means it's probably a (device-specific?) Gecko/Gaia bug, and not something in your code.
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I saw this over the weekend with the Z3c. Never had a problem on Flame. Very frustrating. Needinfo me if I can help debug, Garrett.
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> I'm the developer of Foxcasts. I've received a few bug reports about this
> all from people running B2G on Sony Xperia Z3s.

See also

FWIW, I'm able to open the keyboard by manually focusing the element in devtools:

If it's an app bug, it might be in the enyo js framework. The code sets 'defaultFocus: true' on creating the input but the enclosing <label> element gets the 'onyx-focused' class, not the <input> itself.

The disaster is that not only does it not get focus when the panel is opened, but tapping doesn't focus the element either.

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3 years ago
Is there any way I can run this B2G without a device? I notice everyone seems to be using Z3s. I can run FirefoxOS on my Flame and the emulator, but this issue doesn't occur when using those.

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18 days ago
Firefox OS is not being worked on
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