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3 years ago
It'd be great if, as a user, I could fill out a form for adding a new project to Pontoon and submit it for approval. Then, if someone with the correct permissions approves it, it gets added to the list of projects in Pontoon and starts pulling and writing translations.
Is this still necessary now that more or less all Mozilla projects are enabled in Pontoon?

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3 years ago
I'd call this nice-to-have, not necessary. And not all Mozilla projects are enabled in Pontoon; Pomax has been looking at Pontoon for some foundation projects, there's some webprod projects that aren't using Pontoon, etc.

Basically from a web developer's perspective it'd be nice if I could go to Pontoon, fill out a form, test that my site is hooked up properly for localization while I'm waiting for approval, and then get approved and start receiving strings for my site without having to go back and forth a bunch with an l10n driver via email. In the future we could even add a new "developer" role that lets developers notify l10n-drivers of a new round of strings via Pontoon, but that's out-of-scope for this particular bug.
Oh, I thought this was a feature for localizers, not web developers. We could definitely lower the barrier for developers to add projects to Pontoon.

Having a new "developer" role should also help with bug 1191424, meaning someone from the project side would be responsible to address issues reported regarding original strings.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1464403
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