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Thebes and Layers use our obsolete custom cairo_d2d_surface extension which is superceded by Moz2D


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gfxD2DSurface in Thebes used our cairo_d2d_surface extensions, and unnecessarily ties us to our customized version of Cairo. This prevents us from one day migrating back to upstream Cairo. We should just remove it.
This patch removes any places using gfxD2DSurface, since Moz2D ensures this code was already dead.
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Kill the files now, because we can.
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Remove any dependencies on cairo_d2d_device functions to set up our D3D10 device, since the gfxWindowsPlatform code and Factory in Moz2D are already doing the necessary work.
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TextureClientD3D9 had a lot of obsolete code to interoperate with Cairo which was literally not being used anywhere anymore and is completely safe to remove. This way we are only left with a minimal dependency on Cairo there inside gfxWindowsSurface, which uses our cairo_win32_surface_create_with_d3dsurface9 extension (though that will eventually have to be excised somehow).
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part 1 - remove dependencies on gfxD2DSurfcae

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This is really happy making.
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part 2 - Kill gfxD2DSurface with fire

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I'm feeling filled with joy.
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part 3 - remove usage of cairo_d2d_device

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Does the joy know no end?
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part 4 - reduce Cairo dependencies where safe in TextureClientD3D9

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I wonder if this texture client is ever used anyway..
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Did one more try run just to verify the oranges were intermittents:
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