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Intermittent test_fullscreen-api-race.html | The window should no longer be in fullscreen


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Doesn't seem to be going all that well.
Blocks: 1179123
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I tend to remove the specific subtest which causes this...
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I currently don't have any Linux 32bit platform installed... So let's disable the specific subtest for now.
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disable specific subtest on Linux 32bit

I wouldn't have guess that as a successful way to identify linux32, but if it works it works.
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See Also: → 1181446
The new intermittent (on Linux 32bit) are on subtest openNewWindow, exitFullscreen, different from the previous disabled subtest.
The intermittent on Linux 64bit is the subtest I previously disabled on Linux 32bit. I probably can try to fix that now. But for the new intermittent on Linux 32bit, I tend to disable the specific subtest again.
It seems this intermittent happens because the new window is sometimes opened in fullscreen mode.
So this happens because when the new window is open, its parent window haven't exited from fullscreen, and the new window restores the persisted XUL window attributes which makes it enter fullscreen mode.

It indicates that my patch for bug 1137009 could fix this issue, because that patch stops persisting window attributes when we enter fullscreen for Fullscreen API.

Alternatively, we can make the test wait until the main window actually back to normal before continuing.
My try push in comment 242 should fix most of this bug (compare the push in comment 242 and comment 241). However, it seems there is one additional different issue which could generate the same failure signature here. I think that issue should be in a different bug, though.

I'll open one when we mark this bug as fixed.
Depends on: 1137009
Bug 1180574 - Retry once if we open a window in fullscreen mode in fullscree-api-race test.
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user:       Xidorn Quan <>
date:       Fri Aug 21 09:17:18 2015 +1000
Bug 1180574 - Retry once if we open a window in fullscreen mode in fullscree-api-race test. r=smaug
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