Need to be able to re-start and debug initialization of a remote target



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It's typical with remote debugging tools to need to be able to debug the initialization of the main script:

* for a given program ( say a worker ) the debugger needs to be able to break on the first line of execution so the user can debug initialization
* it should be possible to re-load the sources and re-start the program in order to do this to effect Ctrl+Shift+R-style debugging for things that aren't web pages.
So you are talking about things that aren't webpages, right? Anything other than workers that you have in mind?
FxOS apps are another example.  WebIDE already supports this via reload (just like a web site), so let's be sure to preserve when folding WebIDE bits back into the browser.
Blocks: 1179311
Remote apps like Thunderbird would probably also be nice, I hope we can get this via side-effects of you fixing it for other targets :-)


10 days ago
Product: Firefox → DevTools
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