Please hide B2G Gip (all platforms) on Treeherder



3 years ago
22 days ago


(Reporter: gmealer, Assigned: RyanVM)



Please hide Gip() (all chunks) from the pre-landing test runs on Treeherder. 

It currently only runs on B2G Desktop Linux x64 opt, I believe, but if it's on other platforms it should be hidden there as well.

B2G QA Automation owns this test suite. We're asking that it be hidden because it's not very effective as part of pre-checkin flow, and we're moving that test suite to post-checkin acceptance instead while expanding Gij (which is better suited).

Specifically, per, Gip has issues around documentation, intermittents/fragility, and the ability of the developer attempting to check-in to debug and address issues locally and/or in a timely fashion. QA also doesn't want to maintain Gip as run in this context going forward, so there are issues around ownership requirements.

Ultimately, we'll want this removed from the Treeherder test set entirely, but until we can stand up our replacement run hiding is an intermediate solution.

Johan (QA Automation lead) and John (PoC for Gip within automation) are cc'ed, and will be able to follow up on concerns or questions.
Component: Treeherder → Visibility Requests

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3 years ago
All Gip tests hidden across the board.
Assignee: nobody → ryanvm
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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22 days ago
Product: Tree Management → Tree Management Graveyard
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